Every parent has a dream.
The dream to see their children succeeding and happy, in all spheres of their lives. However, the greatest impediment that looms large over them is knowing and understanding precisely as to what foundation is needed to empower their children with cutting edge capabilities that the mid 21st century is all set to demand, as a necessity to succeed.

To bring about a wholesome development in children, We have introduced the DMI (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence) technology, a unique & scientific method developed out of the analysis of fingerprint patterns. From researches and observations on millions of fingerprint samples documented, compiled, and put together with psychological theories, the program can explain any child's character, improve parent-child communication and relationship, and help parents to raise their children more successfully. It helps children switch on the best in them by guiding them in doing what they love to do, actualising their potential, and making them happy children who will grow up to be quality adults. There are nine types of intelligence

The 9 Multiple Intelligences

  • Visual - Spatial
  • Verbal - Linguistic
  • Logical - Mathematical
  • Bodily - Kinesthetic
  • Musical - Rhythmic
  • Inter - Personal
  • Intra - Personal
  • Naturalistic
  • Existential

We help parents to understand the inborn intelligence level of their child. After the test, we provide free counselling to parents or applicants about the report. In this, we guide them to choose the activities or careers according to their inborn intelligence.

D.M.I.T. reveals the following information about a child or adult:

  • Intrinsic Potential
  • Multiple Intelligence Distribution
  • Dominant & Preferred Learning Style
  • Learning Communication Character
  • Allocations of various abilities
  • Psychological & Planning capability
  • Learning Sensitivity
  • Innate - Work Management Style


  • IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ, SQ analysis
  • Personality Analysis Intelligence and Talents Test
  • Suitability for Career Options
  • Suitability for Academic
  • MI Relevant Skill Assessment
  • Learning Efficiency Test
  • Brain Power Efficiency Evaluation
  • Inborn Intelligence Potential Assessment